Mérieux NutriSciences QA Online

Quality assurance management

The digital integral quality assurance system

Smart QA managers opt for smart solutions

With this digital quality solution, you are fully in control of all quality matters. With smart solutions, links are created between the different modules. In this way we get the most out of our software and notifications are automatically sent to get the quality assurance system up to date again..

QA Online consists of different modules,
all relevant for good quality assurance.

Depending on your wishes, we can build it modularly.

Relations and Raw Materials

Supports in managing an up-to-date raw material administration and supplier documentation.

Module grondstoffen en relaties

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Risk analysis of raw materials

With the hazard identification and risk analysis raw materials (GIRA) module, you provide an up-to-date and automatic raw material hazard analysis.

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Specification management

Easily create and manage product specifications using raw material and recipe data.

Overzicht Specificatiebeheer

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Supplier assessment

This extension module facilitates and registers audits of all types of suppliers. This module offers a great deal of flexibility to compose a customized assessment for each supplier.

Overzicht Leveranciersbeoordeling

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This module is for registering and managing complaints from external parties such as customers, consumers, suppliers or partner parties.

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Document management

All current documents and reports of the quality manual available digitally anytime and anywhere.

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Improvement actions and planning

Real-time planning control and assigning improvement actions using personal dashboards.

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Internal Audit

An important part of the quality management of the entire organization where all important quality components must be monitored structurally, the Internal Audit module helps with this.

Interne audit

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